Project Description




Medical degree, University of Novi Sad, Serbia                                                                                       2003

Master degree in ophthalmology University of Novi Sad, Serbia                                   2008

Ophthalmologist / University of Novi Sad, Serbia/                                                                               2010


 / European School for Advance Studies in Ophthalmology ESASO/     2012

PhD degree in ophthalmology /University of Novi Sad, Serbia/                                                        2016



Practicing and fellowships:



Winter academy, Schruns, Austria                                                                                                2005/2006

University Eye clinic Giessen, Germany                                                                                                    2008

Dr.P.N.Mahendra Eye Institute and Khairabad                  

Eye Hospital, Kanpur, India                                                                                                              2010

Eye Clinic of “ Eberhard-KarlsUniversität                                                             2011

University of Tubingen, Germany

Milos Clinic, Belgrade, Serbia                                                                                    2013/14


Active participant at national and international congresses and member of EURETINA, EVRS, ESCRS. Surgical instructor for wet-lab courses of ESCRS meetings. TVRS committee member.


Last presentations:


FLORETINA 2019, Florence Italy.  “ Si oil retention suture ” – in the management of total retinal detachment in aphakic patient with the absence of nasal iris.

ESCRS 2018 winter meeting Belgrade. Phaco-vitrectomy in patient with (acute) angle-closure glaucoma – near live surgery.

FLORETINA 2017, Florence, Italy.  Retinal re-detachment and sub-retinal proliferation in myopic eye after primary PPV and HD silicon oil tamponade for inferior retinal detachment – oral presentation.



Working activity:


University Eye clinic Novi Sad, Clinical center of Vojvodine 2003-2018

Private Eye clinic Dzinic Novi Sad, Serbia 2003 – present

Vitreo-retinal consultant, Clinical centar of Montenegro, Podgorica 2019 – present