Project Description

Since June 2015: Senior Consultant in Ophthalmology in Portuguese Red Cross Hospital.

Since December 1997: Ophthalmology Graduated Hospital Assistant working in Ophthalmology Service of Professor Doutor Fernando Fonseca Hospital in Lisbon. After March 2005 she received the degree of Consultant in Ophthalmology.

She is responsible for one Emergency Ophthalmology Team, ROP Screening and Treatment of our NICU and ROP treatment of NICUs in South of Portugal and Islands. Since 1997 she is part of the medical and surgical retina Department, responsible for surgical retina and pediatric retina section. This department has a special protocol with Oncology Hospital of Lisbon, for the treatment of retina oncology pathology.

During the year of 2006 she implemented the use of antiangiogenic therapy for neovascular diseases of the eye in Hospital Fernando Fonseca that currently is expanding its domains.

From February 1996 to December 1997: She has her fellowship in medical and surgical retina in Hospital de Santo António dos Capuchos, in Lisbon, with Dr. António Figueiredo.