Project Description

Lukan Pavlov Mishev


Work Experience

2019 First human cataract surgery with 3D VR Avegant Glyph and Ngenuity 3D system

3D surgical setup and using a VR device 2017

YouTube channel from 2012 and continuous live streaming of surgeries from Focus eye center and Vista eye clinic (more than 2000 procedures)

Vista eye clinic Plovdiv – Head of department, virtual surgery , cataract, glaucoma and medical retina 2016-2019

Focus Eye Centre Sofia – Head of Eye clinic, vitreal surgery, cataract, glaucoma and medical retina 2014-2016

Eye centre Krystal Sofia – consultant surgeon cataract.

MBAL Medika – Ruse – consultant surgeon vitreal, cataract and glaucoma – 2014-2016

Central Onco hospital Plovdiv – consultant surgeon cataract, glaucoma and vitreal surgery 2012-2014

St.Ivan Rilski Hospital St.Zagora – consultant surgeon cataract, glaucoma, vitreal surgery 2012-2013

– Resbiomed eye cliniq – consultant surgeon – cataract, glaucoma, vitreal surgery 2012-2013

– Eye clinique “Zrenie” – cataract and refractive surgery – 01.04.2007-2009

– Eye clinique, ”St.Sofia” hptl. – General ophthalmology – 01.02.2006-.10.02.2009

– Qween Joanna hptl. – Resident Ophthalmology   01.032003-07.112007


  • “Pencho Saveikov” highscool, English language class 09/1992-06/1996
  • Medical university Sofia 09/1997-09/2003
  • Qween Joanna hptl. – Resident Ophthalmology 01.032003-07.112007
  • Glaucoma resident course – Geneva 09/2006
  • Refractive surgery and phacic IOL course – BERI eye clinique, Berlin 09/2008
  • Phaco fellowship in India – Mahatme eye hospital, 01/11/2008 -20/11/2008
  • Member of Euretina
  • Member of European glaucoma society /EGS/
  • Member of ARVO


04.01.2019 worlds first human cataract surgery with Avegant Glyph VR device and Ngenuity 3D

Ngenuity 3D heads up surgery in both our clinics ( Focus and Vista ) 2018

Design and implementation in clinical practice, of Control depth needle for Suprachoroidal drug delivery June 2018

3D surgical setup and using a VR device 2017

Live surgery broadcast from Focus eye clinic to Zlin Vestival of eye surgery 2017 organized by Dr.Stodulka

Adaptation of cinematography cameras Blackmagic for live streaming and recording from surgical microscope 2016

Awarded 2013 ARVO Travel Grant from Marij and Paulus foundation:

Poster Varicella Zoster and Central serous retinopathy

Principal Investigator in  CyPass Clinical Experience (CyCLE) 

Principal investigator for   STARflo European Safety and Efficacy Study (NCT02272569) Member of scientific advisory board Istar Medical Belgium

Hypothesys – OCT changes in lamina cribrosa in glaucoma and hydrocephaly and are these diseases share common pathogenesys – ongoing project

Electronic microscopy of ILM and epiretinal membranes (surgically removed) – ongoing project